Huddle is excited to announce a partnership with HumanForest, London’s first truly green shared e-bike!

As part of Huddle’s wider wellness perks, we are offering 150 of our clients discounted access to HumanForest with 20 minutes free riding on HumanForest’s electric bikes daily.  

To make this perk as convenient as possible, Huddle has secured a HumanForest parking spot, ‘Green Bay’, coming soon just outside 3 Shortlands where you can park free of charge.

We’re buzzing to soon see you nipping to and from Huddle with HumanForest, London’s first truly green shared e-bike. Follow these three easy steps to get up and running:

  1. If you are a member, email us at to indicate your interest in joining scheme
  2. Download the HumanForest app onto your smartphone and create your account using the email address you used to register your interest
  3. Within 24 hours your membership will begin and it’s time to get riding! Your account will be credited with 20 minutes free riding daily

Remember: Please park within the HumanForest parking spaces ‘Green Bays’ to avoid a parking charge. Any time spent riding over the 20 free minutes will be charge 0.15p per minute to your personal account

For more information about HumanForest – visit their website here