Our Perks Partnership Blueshadow have kindly shared an article with us in relation to supporting our general wellbeing.

Recent events have had a huge impact on how we feel and how well we cope with day-to-day life. It is really important that we understand how to look after our own wellbeing as well as that of others

Connect – The current guidelines to maintain physical isolation have changed the ways in which we can connect with family, friends and colleagues. Two meters suddenly seems like a huge distance and a barrier to the sort of connections we are used to. For now, to help keep us all safe, we must learn to do things differently whilst maintaining those connections, because we need that support more than ever.

Be Active – Exercising makes you feel good. Whether you like to walk, run, cycle, dance, garden or play games, keep doing that. If you can get outside, particularly as the weather improves, you can also benefit from the sunshine and fresh air. Here in London the air is certainly fresher at the moment, and it’s so peaceful, but please make sure you comply with the government guidelines.

Take Notice – Be aware of the world around you and notice how you are feeling. Look for beauty in places you might not have seen it before. The world looks and feels very different at the moment and it’s not all bad. Try to compare things with how they were just a few weeks ago and reflect on the differences. Some good things will come from all of this.

Keep Learning – Now is definitely a time for learning new things. We have been learning to live our lives differently, establishing new routines, communicating more using technology, and becoming better at judging distances like two meters. We must learn to be creative in planning for the future amidst such uncertainty, because the new normal will be different from the one we have just left behind. We will need to add new skills to the ones we already have. Perhaps we can also learn something that we’ve always wanted to but just never had the time. So set yourself a challenge and remember that learning new things can make you more confident as well as being fun.

Give – Giving has been described as the gold dust of wellbeing. Seeing yourself and your happiness linked to those around you can be incredibly rewarding, whether you’re showing kindness to someone you know or to a complete stranger. So many people have their heads down at the moment. If you smile as you pass someone it may just make their day, and yours, feel a little bit better. Perhaps those of us who have experienced a mental health issue before could reach out and help others who are experiencing this for the first time.