Introducing Huddle Gaming to Huddle Coworking!

We’re delighted to introduce the newest member to our Hammersmith office community, Huddle! Aside from having the best name ever, they are up to some game-changing (pun intended) stuff!

Gaming has had a huge moment since the Covid-19 pandemic started and it looks like it will be sticking around for the long term. Deloitte’s 2020 digital media trends survey found that, during the crisis, a third of consumers have, for the first time, subscribed to a video gaming service, used a cloud gaming service, or watched esports or a virtual sporting event.1 With school and office closures, work furloughs, and canceled travel plans, more people are playing video games—and more are upgrading their gaming relationships from casual to committed.

We spoke to them ahead of their move-in and this is what they had to say…

“Huddle is a software provider for gaming operators of all sizes in regulated markets around the world. We build tools that will help our partners grow their business, lower costs, and operate effectively in multiple jurisdictions. All while delivering a better experience to the end users.

The gaming industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and is experiencing radical transformation. And, staying ahead of the competition and on top of regulation is hard. We’ve been in that place. Our software tools and industry expertise will help gaming operators thrive in a such rapidly expanding global landscape. 

As our name suggests, we champion collaboration and team spirit. We bring out each other’s A games to take on tough challenges together. We are building a fair, respectful environment that empowers all to leave a positive mark”.

We’re so looking forward to seeing them around Huddle!